How to increase workplace safety with mobile devices, apps

Technology is helping safety pros work smarter and more effectively. But when it comes to mobile technology, the choices can be overwhelming.

But BLR Safety Summit presenter Shourya Basu, CEO of Simple But Needed, says you don’t have to be a tech geek to get solid value out of mobile devices and apps.

According to Basu, “Well-designed mobile applications can transform devices like smartphones and tablets into high-value tools that dramatically increase a worker’s safety and allow for rich data capture that will lead to better decision-making.”

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He adds that with strategic investment, mobile technology has the potential to automate tasks and allow a workforce to stay focused on critical operations.

If you’re currently taking notes about conditions in the field and emailing them in at the end of the day, you’re losing out on valuable real-time exchange.

Basu explains that mobile technology can help collect traditional information like checklist responses or notes. It also allows for a “rich and robust data capture that will facilitate decision-making.”

Most significant, mobile technology can gather information in a way that makes it “readily searchable and usable for improved trend analysis and increased visibility across operational risks such that safety leaders may improve the likelihood of accident prevention.”

For employees, the ability to access training materials on a tablet or phone makes it more likely that they will actually complete the training and, as a result, avoid injuries and illnesses.

Similarly, says Basu, when supervisors have access to checklists and asset information, they can better conduct field inspections of critical equipment or processes, or update the location of hazardous materials. The information can be delivered and shared in real-time.

Shourya Basu will present a preconference workshop on Demystifying Mobile Technology as part of BLR’s 2015 Safety Summit, which takes place from April 13-15 in San Antonio, Texas.  His session will address the benefits of going mobile, the best mobile tools for safety applications, and how to effectively deploy them.

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