Top EHS experts teach workplace safety best practices at San Antonio conference

BRENTWOOD, Tennessee (March 12, 2015)—BLR, the leading provider of compliance solutions for safety professionals, has selected more than 25 national  environmental, health, and safety experts to teach EHS professionals best practices for management and compliance at their upcoming conference, the BLR Safety Summit 2015.

The Safety Summit, from April 13 to 15 in San Antonio, Texas, is a conference designed to educate, connect, and inspire professionals in the occupational health and safety and risk management fields. Attendees will have the opportunity to boost a variety of skills that will better position them to keep employees safe, streamline their workday, and ensure compliance in 2015, according to Ed Keating, Vice President of BLR’s environmental, health, and safety markets.

“I’m very excited to welcome new and returning attendees to our second annual Safety Summit,” Keating said. “During this intensive 3-day conference, EHS professionals and employers will meet face-to-face with leading workplace safety experts who can offer invaluable advice for succeeding in the EHS field in 2015.”

Attendees will get to meet safety experts like Tyrone Feeling, a federal workplace safety and emergency management official with a decade of experience in workplace violence prevention. Other notable speakers will include Alejandro Porter, OSHA’s area director for San Antonio; A.J. Westlund, who manages EHS for Aetna; and David Daniels, who coordinates workplace safety initiatives for the city of Atlanta, GA.

These speakers will give attendees candid advice for building and maintaining their safety programs during four intensive workshops and more than 20 sessions on timely workplace safety topics, including hazard identification, EHS metrics and leading indicators, incident investigations, temporary worker safety, OSHA enforcement and trends, and more. See sessions here.

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